Sandra Savchenko-de Jong, Sr. Computer Scientist

Sandra has studied astrophysics at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (the Netherlands) and obtained her PhD from the Observatoire de Paris (France). Afterwards she worked as a Scala developer at one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. At SDSC (Lausanne) she contributes to the RENKU platform as a software engineer, and she is involved in several on-going data science projects, including a project on food safety with a large industrial group.

Sandra relocated to Kiev and now works for BT9 as a data analyst.

Johann Thiebaut, Sr. Computer Scientist

Johann holds a Master’s Degree from École Polytechnique, Saclay and joined the Swiss Data Science Center in early 2017. Before joining the team Johann-Michael has worked at IBM Research in Dublin where he covered a variety of topics such as Big Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance. He is now focusing on development and deployment of the Renku platform along with projects involving industry partners.
Johann joined Google Zurich in January 2019 and is working on the Google Assistant.

Julien Eberle, Sr. Computer Scientist

Julien joined the Swiss Data Science Center in January 2017, after he got his PhD degree, as well as his Master degree with an Excellence Fellowship, from EPFL’s school of Computer and Communication Sciences. In parallel, he is one of the co-founder of Arcanite Solutions, a growing consulting company, with some former PhD fellows and friends. During his PhD he had the chance to work at the Nokia Research Center, located on EPFL’s campus, on context awareness in mobile devices. He also spent half a year at Nestlé/Nespresso designing and setting up the infrastructure for centrally managing the development of mobile applications for all Nestlé’s subsidiary brands.
As of 2019, Julien is dedicating all of his time to Arcanite, the successful start-up he co-founded a couple of years ago