SPO – Swiss Personalized Oncology (SPHN)


  • Olivier Michielin (CHUV),
  • Mohamed Bentires-Alj (USB)
Personalized Oncology strives to find the most effective therapy with the least toxicity for each cancer patient, based on a detailed scientific understanding of the individual’s disease. Interoperable large data sets are a prerequisite for meaningful research on personalized oncology. Currently, clinical information is largely unstructured or dispersed in hospital systems and is rarely harmonized and integrated with research data. Therefore, the major focus of SPO is to achieve Switzerland-wide interoperability of the clinical and laboratory data from cancer patients and to harmonize the biological sampling process for subsequent molecular analysis. The creation of a Swiss Molecular Tumor Board expert panel will further push the analysis and discussion of complex cancer patient cases and play an instrumental role in the nation-wide harmonization of clinical and -omics standards, analyses and interpretation. This national platform for personalized oncology will enable research that can deliver novel and better treatment algorithms for cancer patients in the future.