A Research Platform for Data-Driven Democracy Studies in Switzerland -DemocraSci


  • Dr. Dr. Frank Schweitzer (ETH Zürich)
  • Dr. Ingo Scholtes (University of Zürich)

Project presentation

April 20th 2018

Project presentation
May 13th 2019


Lack of easily accessible, structured data for data science applications in political science, despite availability of (scanned) historic documents on parliamentary processes in the Swiss National Archive


Develop scalable and reusable document processing and analysis chain for parliamentary proceedings of the last 125 years:

  1. Automated analysis and annotation of document structure and contents
  2. Generation of knowledge graph linking political actors, parties, votes, etc.
  3. Provide data analysis and visualisation tools for political scientists


  1. A new data basis for computational social science and Swiss parliamentary research
  2. A reusable document processing chain for the humanities and the social sciences