Delivering Added-value To Antarctica – ACE-DATA


  • Philippe Gillet, EPFL / Swiss Polar Institute (SPI)
  • David Walton, British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
  • Julia Schmale (PSI)

(In addition to 22 ACE PIs, in particular from CSIC, Curtin University, Duke, ETH Zürich, Melbourne University)

Project presentation

April 20th


A unique opportunity to collect data at the same time and location across wide-ranging scientific disciplines. But how to:

Combine hugely varied but linked data sets in a meaningful and easy-to-use way?

Break the silos of subject-specific data sets?

Work in a cross-disciplinary manner on questions and still take advantage of these data sets?


Integrated platform providing means for scientists to combine and investigate very different data sets, then open access to ACE data

Machine learning techniques/adv. statistical methods applied to oceanographic and atmospheric data sets to investigate interactions at the air-sea interface (ASAID)


Contribute to holistic understanding of the Southern Ocean and impacts on climate regulation

New insights into air-sea interaction in Southern Ocean

Open access to unique datasets