SDSC-Connect 25th May 2023

Towards Biomedical Data Science & Precision Medicine | Conference

Interpretable Learning Methods for Immunotherapy – iLearn


  • Pascal Frossard (EPFL)
  • Olivier Michielin (CHUV)

Project Presentation

April 20th 2018


Study of immune-tumour interaction

  • Need of expert pathologists to understand complex spatio-temporal patterns
  • Identification of tumour cell evolution patterns, understanding of the disease pathogenesis
  • Understanding of the spatial interaction between cells
  • Design of new interpretable NN architectures
  • Design of new spatio-temporal models
  • Performance evaluation and model validation


  • Fitting a graphical model in each layer of the NN
  • Design new NN that will explicitly include priors and constraints
  • Dynamic NN: combination of CNN and RNN
  • Application of machine learning algorithms to mice data and then to tumor response on humans


  • Development of new interpretable data-driven algorithms.
  • Development of new interpretable data-driven algorithm to understand the tumor microenvironment