Security and Privacy of the Data Science Knowledge Graph – SecureKG


Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux (EPFL)

Prof. Bryan Ford (EPFL)


  • Large-scale multidisciplinary distributed scenarios
  • Security, privacy and accountability challenges on the diverse and heterogeneous data sets whose lineage is managed by the Renga platform.
  • Strict legal landscapes (e.g., LPD, EU GDPR) also call for stronger protection for personal data.


Data curation

Development and benchmarking of advanced segmentation approaches

Developing interaction methods in CNN-based segmentation

Quantification of tissue composition in the heart

Scientific publications and tools dissemination


Micron-scale CT images are essential in studying tissue microstructure and alterations. Image analysis plays an important role for quantitative analysis. Better automatic / semi-automatic tools would allow high throughput and more accurate analysis.