ETHZ Projects

If you are interested in working on any of this projects directly contact Fernando Perez Cruz.

MSC Latent Pathway Modelling

MSC Diffusion Models for Probabilistic Programming

MSC N2O Isotopes

MSC Historical Text Analysis for Typos Detection and Correction

MSC Detecting Saharan Dust Events at Jungfraujoch

MSC Modern Neural Networks for Generative Design

MSC Modelling Heteroscedasticity in State-Space Models

MSC Nonparametric Bayes for Structure Learning of SPNs

MSC Scaling Neural Processes for Intermittent Time Series Prediction

MSC Covariances of Gaussian Processes on River Networks

MSC Optimal Smoothing Parameter Selection

MSC Scaling Non-Negative Matrix Factorisation for Electron-Microscopy

MSC GDS Cables

Past Projects

Video Segmentation


MSC Layout


MSC Mugen


MSC Self Explainer

BSC Avalanche Danger Interpolation

MSC Embed Satellite Images