SDSC-Connect 25th May 2023

Towards Biomedical Data Science & Precision Medicine | Conference

Context-Aware Mobility Mining Tools – COMMIT


  • Dr. Martin Raubal (ETH Zürich),
  • David Jonietz (ETH Zürich)

Project presentation

April 20th 2018


Current methods for mining movement trajectories in order to analyze our mobility behavior


  • omit the movement’s context (e.g., weather, environment);
  • focus on the status quo of mobility behavior rather than its dynamic change (e.g., as reaction to newmobility options).


We aim to develop generalizable and reusablemethods for the integration of movement trajectories from various sources with spatio-temporal context data and for knowledge discovery from such semanticallyenriched, longitudinal data.


Understanding human mobility is highly significant for numerous disciplines as well as for society as a whole, working towards the goal of increasing its sustainability. An open-source analysis framework for movement data will be of use to researchers from a variety of disciplines.