1. Introduction

  Data Science is one of the Strategic Focus Areas defined in the Strategic Planning 2017–2020 for the ETH Domain. The ETH Domain has launched the Initiative for Data Science in Switzerland to accelerate data

  In an earlier post we have highlighted the necessity to develop appropriate measures to safeguard against privacy risks stemming from biomedical research. Among the possible mechanisms, cryptographic, and differential privacy techniques were some of the suggested methods that offer

  A new era for biomedical research Thanks to the fast progress in sequencing technologies, the cost of molecular profiling has plummeted over the last decade, making a colossal amount of biological data available for research. Since the first

Computer models for generation and use of scientific understanding

Mathematical and numerical models are increasingly important for our understanding and prediction of complex interactive processes. Consider, for example, our climate system. Current understanding of the physical

Our abilities to collect, store and analyse scientific data have sky-rocketed in the past decades, but at the same time, a disconnect between data scientists, domain experts and data providers has begun to emerge. Data scientists are developing more and more