Why do we support the industry?

Today, there is a gap between data scientists and business domain experts which limits the impact of AI in Switzerland

There is a heartfelt need for external talents to provide industry with innovative solutions to their business challenges

There is a wish from many organizations to be accompanied in their digital transformation journey by a neutral, non-biased partner

How do we support the industry?

What are your benefits?

Access highly qualified resources

Our entire team is available to solve your data science challenges and you gain access to highly qualified resources and flexibility

Foster innovation & continuous learning

Thanks to our unique position within both EPFL and ETH Zurich, we can guide you at your pace through your data science journey: you are at the right place to foster innovation and continuous learning

Ensure objectivity & cost efficiency

You ensure objectivity and cost efficiency since our mandates come from the Swiss Confederation, we focus on prototyping solutions that you will be free to industrialize any way you see fit

Examples Of SDSC Partners

How to become a partner?


Intended for organizations wishing to explore the opportunities offered by data science and receive bespoke training by our senior staff

Research Project

Intended for organizations wishing to carry out a full-fledged project. Research projects last one year and involve 1 or 2 FTEs (data scientists from the SDSC) in addition to targeted expertise from our team


Bühler’s approach to innovation is truly collaborative. Together with the SDSC we are developing new digital services that help our customers optimize their processes and plants based on insights created from IoT data. In our digitalization journey, the SDSC is an essential source of academic and industrial data science expertise, as well as a flexible partner for delivering tangible outputs.

Matthias Graeber
Head of Data Science, Bühler Group

Adding the expertise from SDSC to the Romande Energie Innovation process has led to tangible results.

Assia Garbinato
Chief Data Officer, Romande Energie

We would like to warmly thank the SDSC for the job done. The SDSC has managed to provide PSA with relevant methodologies in regards with data governance and data management, and also provided valuable insights in the specifics of PSA repair activity. We have much appreciated the flexibility the SDSC team has shown throughout the project. PSA has learned a great deal in regards with the knowledge of its data. The SDSC has proved itself to combine a scientific approach with an operational, down-to-earth, objective-driven attitude, which is precisely what we were looking for.

David Allard
StelLab@EPFL innovation outpost Manager, PSA

After only a few weeks, SDSC was already able to help us demystify important business issues, translate insights into actions and generate true value-added services.

The combination of SDSC’s pragmatic, professional data scientists and our deep knowledge of the luxury industry has generated a powerful combination to deliver a range of trusted data science solutions and nurture a more data-driven culture in our business.

Geoffroy Lefebvre

Group Digital Distribution Director, Richemont

The collaboration with SDSC has been key to help us unlock the full potential of our data, bringing the relevant expertise at the right time to our different challenges.

Quentin Le Masne
Director, Connected Health & Devices at Merck Group

In our journey towards Augmented Creation, SDSC is a key partner, providing strong data science & AI capabilities. Their unique set-up, combining academic and industry expertise, bring true value to our digital strategy.

Philippe Glénat
VP Digital Lab, Firmenich

The SDSC did a great training. It provided practical and important guidance as to when a data science project is the right way to tackle a business problem – and when it isn’t.

Christian Fassbind
Head of Market and Competitive Intelligence CPS, Roche