SDSC-Connect 25th May 2023

Towards Biomedical Data Science & Precision Medicine | Conference

Stephan is a marketing and communications all-rounder with over 20 years of experience in the luxury consumer industry across a range of global markets including Berlin, London, Singapore, Bangkok, Zurich, and Osaka.
Stephan graduated in 2018 with an Executive Masters in Corporate and Marketing Communication from IE School of Human Sciences and Technology in Madrid. He holds a Certification in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University and a Bachelor in Hospitality Management from the Alexandre Dumas Hotel & Tourism Management School in Strasbourg, France.
Fluent in French, German and English, Stephan is passionate about accelerating the adoption and use of new technologies, communication strategies, partnerships and collaborations, driving the links between brands and the public, and the people who create them.
Since 2022, Stephan is the Head of Communications at the Swiss Data Science Center.