Collaborative Project Information Day 2022

Presentation of the 6th Call

Presented by:
Dr. Guillaume Obozinski
Prof. Fernando Perez-Cruz (Deputy Chief & Chief Data Scientists at SDSC)
Dr. Michele Volpi
Dr. Ekaterina Krymova
Dr. Benjamín Béjar



Starting Projects (5th call)

The goal of the SDSC Collaborative Projects is to help researchers and domain experts leverage the state-of-the-art in data science and at the same time, aim to support the application of techniques developed in research labs working on data science methods to real-world scenarios. The scope of these Collaborative Data Science Projects is representative of the diversity of the research undertaken within the ETH Domain.

In 2022, 14 projects were accepted in the main track, three projects in the Large Scale Infrastructure (LSI) track, and another three projects were co-funded with the Strategic Focus Area on Personalized Health and Related Technologies (PHRT). To learn more about PHRT, click HERE.


Mining Toxicity and High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry Data for Linking Exposures to Effects

Presented by:
Prof. Dr. Juliane Hollender


Machine Learning Supported system for Performance assessment of steel structures under extreme Operating Conditions and management of risK.

Presented by:
Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Lignos


Extracting dynamic ideotypes from seasonal image time series of wheat taken in the field

Presented by:
Prof. Dr. Achim Walter


Domain-aware-AI Augmented Design of Bridge Structures

Presented by:
Dr. Ing. Michael Kraus


A Data-Driven approach to estimate WATershed RESponses

Presented by:
Dr. Paolo Benettin


Cost-effective chemical speciation monitoring of particulate matter air pollution

Presented by:
Dr. Satoshi Takahama


Machine learning for the components fatigue prediction in hydropower generation

Presented by:
Dr. Elena Vagnoni


Data Science and Mass Movement Seismology: Towards the Next Generation of Debris Flow Warning

Presented by:
Dr. Fabian Walter


Machine Learning for Disruption Prediction in Tokamaks

Presented by:
Dr. Olivier JL Sauter

DS4MS | LSI track

Data Science for Multiplexing Spectrometers

Presented by:
Dr. Daniel Gabriel Mazzone

LAMP | LSI track

Lensless Actinic Metrology for EUV Photomasks

Presented by:
Dr. Iacopo Mochi

sc_Drug | co-funded with PHRT

Predictive models of cell type drug sensitivity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Presented by:
Prof. Dr. Didier Trono


Real-time cleansing of snow and weather data for operational avalanche forecasting

Presented by:
Prof. Dr. Jürg Schweizer