Collaborative Project Information Day 2021


General presentation & new office at PSI

Presented by:
Dr. Olivier Verscheure (SDSC Director)
Prof. Andreas Krause (SDSC Academic co-Director)
Prof. Christian Rüegg (Director of PSI)

Presentation of the 5th Call

Presented by:
Dr. Guillaume Obozinski
Prof. Fernando Perez-Cruz
(Deputy Chief & Chief Data Scientists at SDSC)


Tracking Data Science Provenance & Workflows with Renku

Presented by:
Ralf Grubenmann
Dr. Viktor Gal
Dr. Oksana Riba Gronuz

Selected Ongoing Project


Using machine Learning for biomarker discovery in human iPSC neuronal networks

Presented by: Dr. Manuel Schröter

Starting Projects (4th call)


Exploring the Moving Arctic Aerosol baseline for improved model predictions

Presented by:
Prof. Julia Schmale


Self-guided Machine Learning Algorithms for Real-Time Assimilation, Interpolation and Rendering of Flow Data

Presented by:
Prof. Thomas Roesgen


Upgrading Toxicological Testing through Machine Learning

Presented by:
Dr. Marco Baity-Jesi
Dr. Kristin Schirmer


Deep statistical learning-based image analysis for measurement of socioeconomic development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Presented by:
Dr. Kenneth Harttgen
Prof. Isabel Günther


Data driven fast optimization of resonant metamaterial structures

Presented by:
Dr. Bart Van Damme


GDL – Protein

Development of geometric deep learning approaches for protein prediction and design

Presented by:
Dr. Andreas Loukas
Prof. Bruno Correia
Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst


from Air pollUtion souRces tO moRtAlity

Presented by:
Dr. Imad El Haddad


AI-augmented architectural design

Presented by:
Dr. Romana Rust
Prof. Matthias Kohler
Prof. Fabio M. Gramazio


Machine Learning for the Future Circular Collider design

Presented by:
Prof. Mike Seidel
Dr. Tatiana Pieloni


A data-driven cloud parameterization for next generation high-resolution weather and climate models

Presented by:
Prof. Sebastian Schemm


Extracting activity from large 4D whole-brain image data sets

Presented by:
Prof. Sahand Rahi



Machine learning for Swiss (CH) river flow estimation

Presented by:
Dr. Lukas Gudmundsson
Prof. Sonia I. Seneviratne
Dr. Massimiliano Zappa